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Age into Action was founded in 2018. The goal was simple: Give people an exciting and invigorating outlook on life while sparking a passion for the world around them.

Along the way, we learned that one particular thing stands in the way of happiness and fulfillment for many people---we've been conditioned by society to view the natural aging process as a negative experience. 


We’ve made it our mission to change that perception.

We doubt the critics and reject the status quo of resigning ourselves to a life of slowing down and stepping aside as more and more birthdays pass. Life is a wonderful journey and we believe it can be an amazing experience if we let it. 

What was the catalyst that inspired Diana Nyad, the endurance swimmer who swam from Cuba to Florida

at age 64, to keep trying and finally succeed on her fifth attempt?


What drove Tim and Nina Zagat to give up their legal careers at age 42 and start their restaurant guides?

The answer is optimism.

And it’s what fuels Age into Action.

Optimism pushes us forward and allows us to spread our message to our online community members. It permeates our focus on educating people about staying fit, living with a positive mindset, living sustainably, and creating a life of balance.


Optimism helps us all to redefine what’s possible while refusing to see our age as a barrier to health,

happiness, and fulfillment.

We’re excited to partner with our online community members (no matter your age!) to empower ourselves and others, to take what you learn beyond the website and social media, and to take action to create positive change out in the physical world.

As a recipient of the Academic Excellence Award in the University of New Mexico’s Sustainability Studies program, Age into Action is committed to making the world a better, healthier place, one person at a time.

When we work together, great things will happen.

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